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Our exclusive AI algorithm monitors markets, news, and your stocks to help you build a stronger investment portfolio.

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What is FISCO?

FISCO (Front Investment Score) is a risk indicator. It’s a proprietary algorithm that monitors companies, markets, and news 24/7 to show you how risky a potential investment is.

FISCO is made up of 4 different core ingredients. They are: Stock Performance, News, Company Financials, and Compatibility.

FISCO is designed with the user in mind, with individual portfolio compatibility as a core ingredient. As a result, one stock could have different FISCO values for different users.


Remember to diversify.

Never keep all your eggs in one basket, especially when it comes to stocks. It’s important to have many different industries and geographies in your holdings so that you can whether market events over time. Compatibility helps you keep this in check.


Balance sheet, income statement, cash flow. Don’t know the difference? That’s ok.

Not everybody is a financial guru comfortable combing through dozens of spreadsheets to decide if a stock is a good investment. Instead of providing endless data, FISCO automatically analyzes all available financial data to reach a determination on risk associated with a stock based on its underlying financial conditions.


Our proprietary algorithm performs advanced statistical analyses with AI-driven models.

Tools popular among hedge funds to assess historical performance based on different categories and volatility of a stock over a short period of time.


We stay up-to-date on important market news so you don’t have to.

Front Market Monitor autonomously crawls tens of thousands of websites at a time and assigns each stock a score based on the news stories if finds about them.

Why is Front the best investment app?

Smarter investing with FISCO for portfolios.

Use FISCO portfolio ratings to help you make better investments. See your personal portfolio score and learn data-driven investment strategies.

New stocks delivered daily, just for you.

Find new stocks with daily picks based on your preferences and existing portfolio. Use our ratings to easily evaluate new investments.

Complex investment decisions made simple.

Our automated stock research technology does all the hard work, so you can make more informed investment decisions in a fraction of the time.

Your money. Your data. Your future.

See all your investment accounts in one place. Build a stronger portfolio and stay in control of your data with our risk-free, decentralized platform.


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