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Front empowers a new generation of investors to make more strategic investment decisions with personalized insights and AI-driven FISCO.

What’s FISCO? It’s like a credit score for stocks. It makes your investment decisions a breeze.

Front helps you become a better investor

It’s not a question of whether or not to invest, but how to invest. With unrivaled access to an increasingly volatile stock market, investors today face a big challenge: find opportunities to build wealth, without being exposed to excessive risk.

  • Front makes strategic investing guidance accessible to everyone with a simple, free app.

  • Front helps you find stocks that likely aren’t on your radar, and analyzes the risk of new potential investments.

  • FISCO uses AI to automate stock research and score stocks, making complex investment decisions simple.

Who we are

It’s time to level the playing field. The Front team leverages experience and talent that spans industries to work towards a single mission: putting the power of data-driven technology in people’s hands to build strong financial futures.

Our founding team

  • Bam Azizi


  • Adam Israel, Co-Founder & COO, Front

    Adam Israel


  • Murray Newlands - VP, Marketing, Front

    Murray Newlands

    VP, Marketing

  • Lauren Weatherall, Head of PR & Brand, Front

    Lauren Weatherall

    Director, PR & Brand

  • Juan David Rodriguez, Growth Marketing, Front

    Juan David Rodriguez

    Director, Growth Marketing

  • Boris Udovicic, Director of Product, Front

    Boris Udovicic

    Director, Product

Our advisors

  • Jim DuBois, ex-Microsoft, Front advisor

    Jim DuBois

    Ex-CIO, Microsoft

  • David Andre, Google, Front advisor

    David Andre

    CSO, Google
    Ex-CEO, Cerebellum Quant Fund

  • Shahriyar Matloub, Target, Front advisor

    Shahriyar Matloub

    AI Director, Target
    Ex-VP Knight Capital Group

  • Selim Aissi, ex-Ellie Mae, ex-Visa, Front advisor

    Selim Aissi

    SVP, Ellie Mae
    Ex-VP, Visa

  • Dan Rubinstein, Google, Facebook_Front advisor

    Dan Rubinstein

    CEO, Physera
    Ex-Google, Ex-Facebook

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Our story

  • Early 2020

    Front was founded in 2020. The inspiration came years before, in 2008, when the recession hit and our founder saw how unfair the stock market game can be. Today, a pandemic, recession, and explosion of new investors makes it the perfect moment for Front to arrive, helping a new generation of investors in their pursuit of financial security.

  • March 2020

    Front invents proprietary FISCO technology to help investors understand risk and make better investment decisions. Front’s AI-driven algorithm monitors company financials, stock performance, and news 24/7 to give each stock a score: the Front Investment Score, aka FISCO.

  • October 2020

    Front is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) with the SEC.

  • November 2020

    Front launches a waitlist for our app that grows to 40,000 in two months. Investors can connect their broker for early access and their investment portfolios collectively represent over $50 million in assets under management (AUM).

  • January 2021

    Front officially launches its app for iOS and Android! Welcome to the world, Front. It’s time to change how this new generation invests their money, forever.

    See what Front can do for you. Download Front–it’s free!

Front is not just another fintech company

Front builds simple, yet powerful technology to put the power of data-driven, strategic investing in people’s hands. We strive to give everyone a chance to build a stronger financial future.


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