How does NFT earn value_

Why are NFTs considered valuable? | The value of NFT explained

The value of NFTs increase because it's a limited digital asset that can only be stored in one wallet at a time, if many people are interested in the same NFT, this may cause a shock between supply and demand, causing the NFT to rise in value and therefore be worth more. And that is how an NFT could increase value!

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How can NFT pay dividends_ They could pay royalties

Do NFTs pay dividends? – NFT royalties explained

NFTs are not companies and therefore cannot payout dividends. Usually, holders of certain NFT collections can earn NFT royalties or by being airdropped by other NFTs.

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Why should one diversify when investing in ETFs_

Why should you diversify when investing in ETFs?

You technically diversify your portfolio when you invest in ETFs (exchange-traded funds). However, there are some downsides to ETFs and holes in their supposed diversification, too, meaning you’ll likely still have to do a little manual diversifying of your own to craft a portfolio that’s truly “diverse” in nature.

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What happened to the Apes_

What happened to the Bored Apes?

For some, the Bored Apes collection is the first high-roller exclusive NFT collection. The BAYC collection may have had a certain price dump recently, but its value is one of the highest for NFT collections.

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Could defensive stocks help boost your portfolio in 2022

Could defensive stocks help boost your portfolio in 2022?

A stock that’s defensive in nature tends to do better than others in an overall bearish environment. These stocks tend to be in industries with a slower growth rate, such as consumer staples and healthcare. They generally have low volatility, a low P/E ratio, a high dividend, and a long history of success. 

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Front Raised Over $10M in Seed Funding to Change the Way You Invest in Crypto and Stock

Front, an investment app where users can manage all their investments and assets in one place, today announced that it has raised additional $5.5M in seed funding after winning the FinTech competition at, bringing its total funding to more than $10M to date.

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How to build a defensive portfolio

How to Build a Defensive Portfolio

A defensive stock is a stock that is less likely to be impacted by market conditions and might be less volatile than growth stocks in a bearish market and provide a higher level of stability. Here are some characteristics of defensive stocks.

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Layer 1 projects to keep an eye on in 2022_

Layer 1 blockchain projects to keep an eye on in 2022

This article will do its best to expose three of the layer 1 blockchain projects that may not have reached their full potential yet.

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layer 1 blockchain projects with the biggest scalability issues

Layer 1 blockchain projects with the biggest scalability issues

This article will uncover the three Layer 1 blockchain projects with the biggest scalability issues right now. The toughest part for any L1 is balancing every element in the blockchain trilemma: security, decentralization and speed.

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How to protect your portfolio from inflation

Stocks that Could Defend your Portfolio from Inflation

A thematic recurrence throughout this bearish market environment has been a trend toward defensive stocks for those aiming to protect their holdings, shifting the mindset from growth to preservation as an adaptation to the market we’re in.

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