3 crypto crash projects

3 Crypto projects that went wrong | Crypto crashes in 2022

There are many crypto projects that exist in this world. Every crypto project is, at its core, a coded digital asset or application. Just like any software or coded asset, the project is never prone to attacks by hackers. Even the 2nd…

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what are cryptokitties

How does Cryptokitties work? A brief history of cryptokitties

The cryptokitties is an NFT game (the first one) built on the Ethereum network. The game made headlines when it was released in 2017. At the time, crypto was in the middle of a bull run. Some of the kitty NFTs started reaching high prices; one cryptokitty even sold for 600ETH, which back then was worth roughly $170,000.

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How does NFT earn value_

Why are NFTs considered valuable? | The value of NFT explained

The value of NFTs increase because it's a limited digital asset that can only be stored in one wallet at a time, if many people are interested in the same NFT, this may cause a shock between supply and demand, causing the NFT to rise in value and therefore be worth more. And that is how an NFT could increase value!

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How can NFT pay dividends_ They could pay royalties

Do NFTs pay dividends? – NFT royalties explained

NFTs are not companies and therefore cannot payout dividends. Usually, holders of certain NFT collections can earn NFT royalties or by being airdropped by other NFTs.

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What happened to the Apes_

What happened to the Bored Apes?

For some, the Bored Apes collection is the first high-roller exclusive NFT collection. The BAYC collection may have had a certain price dump recently, but its value is one of the highest for NFT collections.

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Layer 1 projects to keep an eye on in 2022_

Layer 1 blockchain projects to keep an eye on in 2022

This article will do its best to expose three of the layer 1 blockchain projects that may not have reached their full potential yet.

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layer 1 blockchain projects with the biggest scalability issues

Layer 1 blockchain projects with the biggest scalability issues

This article will uncover the three Layer 1 blockchain projects with the biggest scalability issues right now. The toughest part for any L1 is balancing every element in the blockchain trilemma: security, decentralization and speed.

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Lessons Learned from the Crypto Collapse

Lessons Learned from the Crypto Collapse

This crypto collapse – much like the months-long selloff in stocks – is tantamount to a “cool off.” All markets got hot during the pandemic and they’re now cooling off. It’s not just a great time to identify real valuable products, protocols, and chains – but it will be a time of cleansing.

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Layer 1 Blockchain tokens_ A complete guide

What is a Layer 1 Blockchain? A Beginner’s Guide

A layer 1 layer 1 blockchain is the term that is used to describe the blockchain’s main underlying architecture. The blockchain runs based on the initial architecture that is given to it. As it is the base blockchain layer, it generally requires nodes and validators in order to approve every transaction.

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digital contracts

What does a smart contract look like? Smart contracts on blockchain

A smart contract is simply a piece of code that handles the transactional flow of a certain item or chain of items.

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