Robinhood’s Earnings Show Individual Investors Losing Money; Buying Dip

Losses and dip-buying are not exclusive to the Robinhood crowd… You need not look further than other broker-dealers and large financial companies like SoftBank to see evidence of that.

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Senate Passes “Inflation Reduction Act”, Sending the Largest Green Energy Bill to House

companies building “renewable energy technologies” are likely to be among the winners. The bill extends existing credits for electricity produced from renewable resources and adds at least three new ones: one for investment in energy property, produced from zero-emissions facilities,

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Unemployment rates very low and 500k jobs added to the economy.

Unexpectedly Strong Payrolls Showing Brings Unemployment Rates To Pre-Pandemic Highs; Complicates Recession Narrative

prosperity in the U.S. has not been evenly distributed, but now that the U.S. unemployment rate has recovered to pre-COVID levels, this entire argument is likely to find new fuel.

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earnings season Q2

Earnings Season Continues to Spawn Beefy Moves In Reporting Companies

Remember when investors were concerned about earnings season? some firms are moving pretty aggressively. Here’s a shortlist of the firms which have reported this week making big moves

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An Unsolved Solana Hack Means Millions in Losses For Hot Wallet Holders

what makes the Solana hack particularly troubling is that – nearly 24 hours after the hack began – nobody really knows what’s going on.

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recession fears

This Big Tech Triple Threat Offers Optimism Amid Recession Fears

three tech leaders led when some couldn’t: Apple, Alphabet (Google), and Amazon offered the market some reprieve amid recession fears and hit-or-miss earnings

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earnings reports

Investors Have Mostly Been Unphased By Weak Earnings reports In Q2 2022

investors have mostly been unphased by weak earnings reports so far this season. That could be because they expected much worse.

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lithium industry

Latin American Countries Mull Cooperation As Lithium Leaders Heat Up

An economic cooperation in South America could foundational change the future of the lithium industry. Up to this point, Chile and Argentina have been the only movers in the continent. The addition of more mining and refining output in those two nations, plus Bolivia and Mexico, could center Latin America as a market leader.

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snap stock

Snapchat Stock Takes Center Stage In Tech Tumble

Despite better-than-expected reports from Netflix and Tesla early in the week, Snap stock took center stage on Thursday. The company’s stock dove more than -38% after missing on Q2 revenue. The company’s revenue grew 13% YoY to $1.11 billion, which was 2.6% lower than what analysts expected.

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Banks Continue March In Q2 Earnings (1)

Banks Continue March In Q2 Earnings

Last week, Q2 2022 earnings kicked off as they always do: with the banks. The $XLF, an ETF tracking financial companies, was up 1.25% on the week. we’ve decided to summarize the circumstances around which the broader financial sector moved north last week.

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