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Here’s what you need to talk about Front, the app that empowers a new generation of investors with FISCO technology and strategic investing guidance.

Front is here to level the playing field in an unfair stock market game that’s controlled by Wall Street and big money.

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PR Contact

Lauren Weatherall

(415) 322-3015‬

San Francisco, CA

Our quick 101

Strategic investment guidance
with this free app by Front

Connect your trading app
like Robinhood & others

Our smart FISCO technology
rates risk for stocks

Company founded

Bam Azizi, CEO
Adam Israel, COO

Beta launched

Front is a strategic investment platform that empowers a new generation of investors with FISCO stock scoring.

Our AI-driven FISCO technology rates stocks to help you make better investments. 

Connect your trading app and invest with confidence, with Front by your side.

Our early beta

Front tracked investments over 6 months

We looked at earnings

from Front users compared to those just using other trading platforms

  • 55.39%

    average gains for Front beta users

  • 20.48%

    higher returns than the S&P 500

What’s working?

Our FISCO technology rates investment risk with a single score to help make investment decisions simple. It monitors companies, the markets, and news 24/7, so you don’t have to. If you connect your broker, FISCO incorporates stock compatibility with your personal investment portfolio – and, it’s only available from Front.

  • Financials

    Monitor the financial health of a company over the last 5 years.

  • Performance

    Assess stock performance over the last 3 months.

  • News

    Analyze recent news to assess the risk tied to investments.

  • Compatibility

    Find new stocks that will help strengthen your portfolio.

  • FISCO scoring

    FISCO uses these four ingredients to calculate a stock score between 300-850, like a credit score for stocks.

In the press

Who we are

It’s time to level the playing field. The Front team leverages experience and talent that spans industries to work towards a single mission: putting the power of data-driven technology in people’s hands to build strong financial futures.

Our founding team

  • Bam Azizi


  • Adam Israel, Co-Founder & COO, Front

    Adam Israel


  • Murray Newlands - VP, Marketing, Front

    Murray Newlands

    VP, Marketing

  • Lauren Weatherall, Head of PR & Brand, Front

    Lauren Weatherall

    Director, PR & Brand

  • Juan David Rodriguez, Growth Marketing, Front

    Juan David Rodriguez

    Director, Growth Marketing

  • Boris Udovicic, Director of Product, Front

    Boris Udovicic

    Director, Product

Our advisors

  • Jim DuBois, ex-Microsoft, Front advisor

    Jim DuBois

    Ex-CIO, Microsoft

  • David Andre, Google, Front advisor

    David Andre

    CSO, Google
    Ex-CEO, Cerebellum Quant Fund

  • Shahriyar Matloub, Target, Front advisor

    Shahriyar Matloub

    AI Director, Target
    Ex-VP Knight Capital Group

  • Selim Aissi, ex-Ellie Mae, ex-Visa, Front advisor

    Selim Aissi

    SVP, Ellie Mae
    Ex-VP, Visa

  • Dan Rubinstein, Google, Facebook_Front advisor

    Dan Rubinstein

    CEO, Physera
    Ex-Google, Ex-Facebook

What problem are we solving?

“80% of normal investors lose money in the long run. Popular trading apps have made it easier than ever for anyone to invest in the stock market, but most lose money because they don’t know how to invest. We’re here to change that.”
– Bam Azizi, Front Founder & CEO

  • 500%

    Increase in investing activity

  • 80%

    Investors losing money

  • Unfair game

    Wall Street has all the data, resources, and talent to invest profitably, while normal investors are left guessing.

    • Data

    • Resources

    • Talent

  • Level playing field

    Front helps with data, personalized recommendations, and smart scoring
    to level the playing field for all.

    • Data

    • Recommendations

    • Scoring

How do people invest?

Front is the personal investing co-pilot for a new generation, helping investors understand the risk and complexities of the stock market and build strong, diversified portfolios.

  • Old way
    The traditional approach
    The old way of investing in stocks requires a lot of manual, time-consuming research.
    • Tedious research

    • Manual analysis

    • Complicated investing

  • New way
    The Front approach
    We give smart insights that empower a new generation to invest with confidence.
    • Personalized recommendations

    • AI-driven analysis

    • Informed decisions

    • Simple investing

Who is Front for?
How big is the opportunity?

Front is for every investor, big or small, new or experienced. Millennial investors have flooded the stock market using trading apps like Robinhood – often, without the insights to make smart investments. Anyone can learn how to make better investments with help from Front.

$100 billion market

54% of US households owned stocks in 2019 (pre-pandemic)


of the stock market is now controlled by millennials

What makes us different?

Front is the only app that gives proactive, data-driven investment insights personalized for every investor’s own portfolio and analyzed for risk by our smart FISCO technology.


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