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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started

How do I get started with Front?

When you sign up for Front, you’ll be prompted to connect a brokerage account and share your investing preferences by selecting industries of interest to you. This will allow Front to offer you the best experience possible. You can use the Front app without needing to share any personal information with us, although connecting your broker account will allow Front to deliver more personalized insights. You only need to have an email address to create an account.

Do I need to know anything about the stock market to use Front?

You don’t need to be an experienced or sophisticated investor to use Front. In fact, Front was designed with both new and experienced investors in mind, to deliver strategic investing guidance in a simple, intuitive app. Front does all the hard work for you, using AI-driven algorithms to research, analyze, and score stocks, so you can quickly and easily evaluate potential investments. It’s not a requirement to have a broker account to use Front, but if you connect your existing trading account, you will have a more personalized experience with Front. When you connect your broker, Front scores your portfolio health, finds new stocks to help diversify your portfolio, and incorporates stock compatibility into FISCO scores. Front helps you take a more informed, strategic approach to your investing, without any prior knowledge or experience needed.

Can I delete my account?

Of course! If you want to delete your account, simply go to the menu tab in the app and click on Delete My Account. Doing so will immediately and permanently remove your information from our systems. All of your data associated with the app is stored locally on your phone, so it is deleted immediately along with the app. To learn more about how we manage your data, please visit

How does Front work?

What is FISCO?

The Front Investment Score, FISCO, makes investment risk easy to understand by calculating a single score for every stock. Front’s AI-driven algorithm monitors company financials, stock performance, and news 24/7 to rate stocks with a score between 300 & 850 – like a credit score for stocks. When brokers are connected, FISCO also incorporates stock compatibility with investors’ existing investments into the final score and delivers personalized, daily stock picks to help people build stronger portfolios. FISCO helps a new generation of investors make strategic investment decisions by finding new opportunities and assessing risk.

Disclaimer: FISCO does not make suggestions relating to buying or selling stocks. Rather, it is a simple, but powerful tool that analyzes stocks to indicate the risk level of a potential investment. Investors should use every resource at their disposal in order to make informed investing decisions.

How often does FISCO change?

FISCO help inform your investment decisions, even though the Front app does not trade stocks for you. Since, since your stock trades are processed by your brokerage, there is no way to lock in a trade based on FISCO. Front constantly monitors companies, markets, and news, automatically updating FISCO numbers for stocks. Just as the price of a stock fluctuates by the second, as does its FISCO rating. Remember: FISCO is not a recommendation, but a tool to help you understand risk.

Why do some popular companies have low FISCO scores?

There are many factors that go into FISCO calculations and the score is ultimately an indicator of investment risk, not quality or performance. A stock’s FISCO number can be low for many reasons and we recommend looking at the breakdown of FISCO ingredients to see which component is bringing down the overall score. Just because a company’s stock price is high doesn’t mean it’s a good investment–in fact, sometimes stock prices can be artificially inflated due to popularity, but it doesn’t accurately reflect other areas of the business’s financial health.

How reliable is FISCO?

FISCO was built by a team with decades of experience in high-frequency trading and asset management. Remember: is not a guarantee of stock performance, but an assessment of risk. You can read more about our team and advisors at

How is Front personalized?

If you connect your broker, Front becomes a more personalized experience, leveraging your preferences and existing investments to deliver custom-picked daily stocks that will complement and strengthen your portfolio. FISCO evaluates each stock’s compatibility with your portfolio and incorporates it into the final score. Front also analyzes your portfolio to score the overall health of your investments, collectively.

Connecting your brokers

Why should I connect my broker?

Connecting your existing broker accounts to Front will offer a more complete, personalized experience. With all of your investments in one place, Front analyzes your holdings, compares your performance with market averages, and scores your portfolio to reflect its overall health. Front considers your preferences and existing investments to deliver personalized daily stock picks and help diversify and strengthen your portfolio. FISCO also incorporates stock compatibility into stock scores, showing you how good of a fit a particular stock is for your unique portfolio.

How many brokers can I connect to Front?

There is no limit to the number of brokers you can connect to Front. Connect all of your trading accounts to easily see all of your investments and portfolios in one place with Front.

Do I need a broker account to use the Front app?

No, you don’t need to have a broker or trading account to use Front. However, if you have already invested in stocks, or plan to, connecting a broker account will offer a more complete, personalized experience with Front. It can find new, custom-picked stocks for you and evaluate risk and compatibility based on your existing investments.

Trading stocks

Can I trade stocks with the Front app?

Trading is not available in the Front app. Front connects to your broker(s), so you can easily use the insights from Front to boost your investment strategy, while still using your existing broker account to buy and sell stocks.

Data & security

Is my data safe?

We take data security very seriously. We do not, nor ever will, own or sell your data. Front is a secure platform with decentralized data processing, which stores all your data on your own device, and nowhere else. If you decide to delete our app, your data goes along with it. With Front, you get complete transparency from beginning to end and will always have full control and oversight over all of your assets. To learn more about how we protect your data, read our Privacy Policy at

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