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Top 10 stocks from investor portfolios on Front – November 3, 2021

  • November 03, 2021
  • Front

Wednesday, November 3rd. Trending on Front.

There are over 70k investors using Front right now. What are the most popular stocks in Front members’ portfolios right now? We curated a top 10 list based on the value of stock holdings in the investment portfolios connected to Front, as of the time of this posting. Do you have these stocks?

  1. Apple $AAPL

2. Tesla $TSLA

3. Microsoft $MSFT

4. Novavax $NVAX

5. Meta Financial Group $CASH

6. Amazon $AMZN

7. Wells Fargo & Co $WFC

8. Berkshire Hills Bancorp $BHLB

9. Eastern Bankshares $EBC

10. Starwood Property Trust $STWD

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