LUV, DEL and RYAAY are the largest stocks by Market Cap.

If you need to go the distance, there’s a fair chance an airline will take you there. In fact, airlines form the foundation of the global travel industry – which was very rudely disrupted by the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, as the pandemic wanes, airlines are getting another look from investors. The industry is famously low-return, but frequent flier programs, credit programs, and other novelties have taken the airline business beyond simply transporting people. This list of multi-billion dollar companies includes organizations in the business of getting people from point A to point B.

Top Stocks By Market Cap
# Top Airline Stocks by Market Cap Front Score
1 Southwest Airlines (LUV) 21.45B 592
2 Delta Air Lines (DAL) 19.00B 531
3 Ryanair (RYAAY) 18.16B 493
4 Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes Sa (GOL) 17.37B 493
5 United Airlines (UAL) 12.00B 542
6 China Eastern Airlines (CEA) 9.24B 498
7 American Airlines Group (AAL) 8.46B 537
8 China Southern Airlines Company (ZNH) 8.34B 520
9 Alaska Air Group (ALK) 5.10B 625
10 COPA (CPA) 3.54B 498
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