Top Companies by Market Cap

Top Brokers and Exchanges Stocks by Market Cap

Top Brokers and Exchanges Stocks by Market Cap

MS, SPGI and SCHW are the largest stocks by Market Cap.

If you’ve ever wished you could invest in who you’re investing with, the brokerage and exchanges sector is where you should look. Ranging from long standing industry giants to some more spry newcomers, there’s plenty of options to choose from if you want to invest in investing. 

So, in the most meta way possible, we’re discussing the top brokerages and stock exchanges that are, un-iroincally enough, publicly listed and open for investors. And without naming names, no, the market’s most controversial platform did not make the list. 

Who are they? Here’s the top 10 stocks by market cap in the brokers and exchanges sector. 

Top Stocks By Market Cap
# Top Brokers Stocks by Market Cap Front Score
1 Morgan Stanley (MS) 136.78B 597
2 Charles Schwab (SCHW) 120.65B 564
3 S&P Global (SPGI) 113.78B 592
4 Goldman Sachs Group (GS) 104.16B 575
5 Marsh & McLennan Companies (MMC) 77.81B 592
6 CME Group (CME) 74.09B 581
7 Aon (AON) 57.11B 592
8 Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) 53.82B 586
9 Moody’s Corporation (MCO) 50.17B 542
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