DHI, LEN and NVR are the largest construction stocks by Market Cap.

Homebuilding is really important at the moment. Some estimates suggest the US may be short around 5 million homes, and construction companies have been enjoying a prosperous period in which money is good, and demand outstrips their supply. 

No one knows for certain, but given the current market conditions, investing in the construction industry could potentially be a wise bet for years to come. 

Who are they? Here’s the top 10 stocks by market cap in the homebuilding and construction sectors. 

Top Stocks By Market Cap
# Top Construction Stocks by Market Cap Front Score
1 D.R. Horton (DHI) 23.24B 586
2 Lennar (LEN) 20.15B 581
3 NVR (NVR) 13.05B 559
4 PulteGroup (PHM) 9.41B 592
5 Toll Bros (TOL) 5.08B 575
6 Skyline Champion (SKY) 2.76B 564
7 Taylor Morrison Home (TMHC) 2.75B 608
8 Meritage Homes (MTH) 2.63B 548
9 Albany International (AIN) 2.47B 498
10 Kb Home (KBH) 2.45B 597
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