JCI, J and PWR are the largest stocks by Market Cap.

Engineering and construction go hand in hand, because you can’t build a high quality structure without first designing it and all of its requisite proponents well. 

With a good deal of the world also facing a housing shortage and lack of labor to meet industry demand, this sector stands to see a heap of potential growth in the future, and might even warrant investing in if you find something you like. 

Who are they? Here’s the top 10 stocks by market cap in the engineering and construction sectors.

# Top Engineering Stocks by Market Cap Front Score
1 Johnson Controls International (JCI) 35.44B 586
2 Jacobs Engineering Group (J) 17.64B 630
3 Quanta Services (PWR) 16.66B 603
4 AECOM (ACM) 9.61B 570
5 Tetra Tech (TTEK) 6.77B 548
6 KBR (KBR) 6.71B 636
7 STANTEC (STN) 6.24B 548
8 MASTEC (MTZ) 6.00B 570
9 Emcor Group (EME) 5.27B 553
10 FLUOR (FLR) 3.68B 575
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