WY, RYN and EVA are the largest stocks by Market Cap.

Forest products, really? You mean there’s a sector for that? Well yeah, there is, the modern economy is highly specialized now, and the stock market reflects that. So, if you happen to be an ex logger or you just love investing in essential natural products, this is for you. 

The returns here haven’t been to the moon over the last five years or so, but there are multiple companies within this sector with solid dividends, and their pure necessity to go along with them as well. 

Who are they? Here’s the top 10 stocks by market cap in the forest products sector. 

# Top Lumber Stocks by Market Cap Front Score
1 Weyerhaeuser (WY) 29.26B 592
2 RAYONIER (RYN) 5.89B 586
3 Enviva Partners Lp (EVA) 5.03B 537
4 Ufp Industries (UFPI) 4.69B 559
5 Boise Cascade (BCC) 3.06B 625
6 DOMTAR (UFS) 2.80B 592
7 NORBORD (OSB) 2.38B 548
8 Resolute Fst Prods (RFP) 1.04B 597
9 Mercer International (MERC) 0.94B 559
10 Schweitzer-mauduit Intl (SWM) 0.84B 553
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