Top Companies by Market Cap

Top Farm and Machinery Stocks by Market Cap

Top Farm and Machinery Stocks by Market Cap

DE, CAT and CNHI are the largest farm and machinery stocks by Market Cap.

Agriculture is one of mankind’s oldest (and most important discoveries.) Though there’s a whole sector dedicated to the business of agriculture, there also are also companies which are dedicated to the technical craft of making agriculture more efficient – we’re talking about farming companies.

Atop the list are Deere & Co and Caterpillar, which tower above the other companies on the list because of their prevalence in the world of farming equipment and hardware. However, most members of this list are also involved in the world of agricultural machinery. Without them, we might still be doing everything by hand – and that would be pretty slow, right?

Here’s the top farming stocks we’re tracking on Front.

Top Stocks By Market Cap
# Top Machinery Stocks Market Cap Front Score
1 Caterpillar (CAT) 97.86B 663
2 Deere & Co (DE) 91.89B 625
3 Cnh Industrial Nv (CNHI) 13.40B 531
4 AGCO (AGCO) 7.54B 597
5 TEREX (TEX) 1.94B 553
6 Alamo Group (ALG) 1.38B 504
7 LINDSAY (LNN) 1.34B 548
8 Titan Intl (TWI) 0.93B 740
9 Astec Industries (ASTE) 0.92B 509
10 Columbus Mckinnon (CMCO) 0.81B 548
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