RELX, PSO and NYT are the largest publishing stocks by Market Cap.

The companies on this list are at the forefront of one of the most mystifying and cost intensive sectors in the world – publishing. The term itself is so semantical and broad, that it’s hard to place a definition to. However, broadly speaking, companies involved in the business of publishing are putting words to the page (or onto the web, we suppose.)

The top company on this list – Relx – is an outlier among the rest. This U.K-based company is a highly-diversified conglomerate which owns a publishing business alongside its information and data analytics business. Among its holdings are online education and research databases such as Law360 and ScienceDirect, risk assessment companies such as Accuity, and archival databases such as LexisNexis among others.

However, the remainder of this list might look fairly recognizable: that’s because Pearson and Scholastic are giants in textbook and literature publishing. And Meredith, The New York Times, and Gannett are massive publishers in the world of print and digital journalism.

Here’s the top companies that we’re tracking on Front which dabble in the broad and curious industry of publishing:

Top Stocks By Market Cap
# Top Publishing Stocks Market Cap Front Score
1 Relx (RELX) 41.28B 575
2 Pearson (PSO) 9.33B 641
3 New York Times (NYT) 4.76B 531
4 MEREDITH (MDP) 2.40B 619
6 Value Line (VALU) 0.60B 625
7 GANNETT (GCI) 0.43B 487
8 Daily Journal (DJCO) 0.36B 559
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