AMZN, WMT and HD are the largest stocks by Market Cap.

The retail industry is the epitome of a mixed bag type of sector. Here, you’ll find everything from E-commerce giants to staple goods stores that you’ll see at least two of in every major town across the country.

It’s truly a venn-diagram sector, with a broad range of businesses within it. Investors of all sorts can find some value here, whether you’re looking for the future of online shopping technology and web services, or just to invest in consumer staples. 

Who are they? Here’s the top 10 stocks by market cap in the retail sector.

# Top Retail Stocks by Market Cap Front Score
1 Amazon (AMZN) 1,059.16B 548
2 Walmart (WMT) 341.70B 586
3 The Home Depot (HD) 330.66B 581
4 Alibaba Group (BABA) 222.67B 586
5 Costco Wholesale (COST) 194.00B 586
6 Lowe’s Companies (LOW) 120.37B 586
7 TJX Companies (TJX) 70.09B 619
8 Target (TGT) 69.53B 619
9 (JD) 62.95B 509
10 Dollar General (DG) 44.83B 570
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