MSFT, ACN, ORCL are the largest stocks by Market Cap.

The software sector is arguably the stock market’s sweetheart, or at least one of its favorites. Come on, these big tech companies literally make up large swaths of the weighting in many of the market’s biggest indices, and their balance sheets and scalability often back that up. 

Aside from the few big names that have probably already come to mind, there’s actually hundreds of publicly traded tech and software firms in the US, and that number just keeps on growing as technology continues to gain more market experience. 

So, who are the top software firms by market cap? 

Top Stocks By Market Cap
# Top Tech Stocks by Market Cap Front Score
1 Microsoft (MSFT) 1,893.17B 619
2 Oracle (ORCL) 184.44B 559
3 Accenture (ACN) 176.99B 597
4 Adobe (ADBE) 174.12B 581
5 (CRM) 169.76B 526
6 Sap Se (SAP) 129.58B 592
7 International Business Machines (IBM) 126.56B 658
8 Intuit (INTU) 109.91B 603
9 SERVICENOW (NOW) 95.78B 603
10 Activision Blizzard (ATVI) 60.96B 619
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