MAR, CUK and HLT are the largest travel stocks by Market Cap.

Now that the pandemic is (maybe) winding down, or at least getting under control, the travel and leisure business is beginning to ramp up again, and ripple effects from the covid-era are still impacting the industry today, both positively and negatively.

It’s a massively popular past-time that includes some equally massive businesses within it, with mainstays ranging across a variety of travel necessities.

Who are they? Here’s the top 10 stocks by market cap in the travel & leisure sector.

Top Stocks By Market Cap
# Top Travel Stocks by Market Cap Front Score
1 Marriott International (MAR) 45.08B 597
2 Carnival (CUK) 42.71B 504
3 Hilton Worldwide (HLT) 31.47B 553
4 Las Vegas Sands (LVS) 25.68B 520
5 Expedia Group (EXPE) 15.08B 526
6 POOL (POOL) 14.01B 608
7 MGM Resorts International (MGM) 12.43B 592
8 Hasbro (HAS) 11.70B 575
9 Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) 10.40B 603
10 Carnival (CCL) 9.94B 504
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